Monday, February 17, 2014

Events, How to Become Successful

In this grand event with us in Las Vegas, how to become successful. Senior vice president Joseph Victoriano from 5linx share his story. Joseph received 3 separate prophecies that hw was going to come into large wealth and business success. Each time he wondered how this would happen since he and his wife had a fixed income as nurses in Tampa, Florida. Then 5linx came along and Bingo! Joseph has experience awesome increase and now he want to where his blessing with others. 

How to Become Successful 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tips to Save on Electricity

What is 5LINX Energy?

The 5LINX Energy program provides consumer education as well as access to competitive supply offers in select deregulated markets. The dual focus program creates awareness of deregulation while, educating consumers with an understanding of competitive supply offers and energy saving tips. Through the 5LINX® portal, consumers in select deregulated markets will have the ability to choose an offer through one of our affiliated suppliers.

5LINX Energy Program Features and Benefits:

  • The restructuring of energy markets in recent years has broken up monopolistic utility companies and opened up competition
  • Consumers now have options when choosing a competitive supply offer
  • Competitive suppliers provide a variety of terms and pricing options
  • Creates unlimited opportunities for 5LINX representatives to present competitive supply offers along with the diverse product portfolio being offered by 5LINX

The 5LINX Energy Program brings competitive supply offers to electricity and natural gas consumers in select deregulated markets. Our goal is to increase your awareness of deregulation, provide energy saving tips, and alert you to the benefits of choosing competitive offers.

Energy Markets

  •   Residential Only
  •   Commercial Only
  •   Residential & Commercial

How it works:

Energy deregulation has broken up the monopolistic utility companies and opened up competition.  Before deregulation occurred, both natural gas and electricity were supplied by regional monopolies or local utilities that owned both the power plants and transmission lines for distribution. Competitive suppliers are able to provide a variety of options for terms and rates. Virtually nothing changes for the customer. There will be no interruption of service, the utility company still services and bills the account. In some markets the
supplier may bill for the supply portion separately, in other markets it is included in the bill provided by the utility company. The only change is that the supply of energy to the utility company comes from a competitive supplier.

Install Process:

When you select an Energy supply offer you are exercising the power to choose a competitive supplier.  The switch process begins with your enrollment form. Once you complete the form the Energy Service Company (ESCO) that made the offer will notify your utility company of your choice. The customer will continue to be serviced directly from the local utility company they have always known with no service interruptions.
5LINX representatives must be energy certified and successfully complete the training course to market 5LINX Energy to potential customers.

5LINX Energy Program Enrollment:

Customer enrollment is done completely on-line through the 5LINX Representatives Personal Website. Once directed to the personal website, customers may obtain industry information, an overview of deregulation; energy saving tips and select a competitive supply offer (in available markets). Credit checks and/or deposits may be required in some markets. The information collected is securely routed to an affiliated energy supplier, which will confirm and process the customers “switch.”
In order to market 5LINX Energy, representatives must enroll in the certification course and successfully complete the training program to gain a basic understanding of topics of deregulation in the natural gas and electricity markets. Once certified, your customers may simply visit your personal website which will be activated with the link to the 5LINX Energy program. From there, customers in select deregulated areas may exercise their power of choice and begin the easy 6 step enrollment process. Representatives can discuss deregulation with consumers and direct them to their personal website where they will have the option to gather more information and choose a plan from the available offers in participating markets. Once the customer enrolls, you’ll begin earning residual income every time they pay their energy bill.

  • 5LINX representatives must complete a 5LINX University Energy training course before the Energy program will appear in their personal website
  • Customers should be directed to the personal website, there will be no door to door sales, door hangers, mass mailings, or spam
  • Competitive supply offers are available in select markets, availability is dependent upon the status of deregulation and the presence of 5LINX affiliated suppliers

Competitive Energy Supply Offers:

Competitive supply offers vary from market to market and may have fixed or variable terms. With fixed pricing, consumers lock in a rate today and they will pay that rate for the supply
portion of their service during the life of the contract. Variable pricing is often offered at a discount to the utility company’s price and fluctuates with market conditions from month to month. Most customers are already on variable pricing with their utility companies today.

Tips to Save on Electricity Here
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Sale More Homes

What is MLSalertz?

MLSalertz is an easy, effective and an affordable mobile marketing solution that helps you promote your listings directly to potential home buyers. It is simple. Just enter the Multiple
Listing Service ID for each of your properties, and MLSalertz will create a complete mobile website for each home – complete with pictures, local amenities and YOUR contact information.
It's as easy as typing in your Multiple Listing Service Number, and clicking "go". Use MLSalertz to…
  • Receive alerts when someone requests info on your listings
  • Promote new listings to hot buyers
  • Share contact information
  • Generate more listings and referrals

Let us show you how to sell more homes faster with MLSalertz.

Voice Over IP Services

Why Voice Over IP Services is the Right Choice for You!

• One-stop VoIP services – everything you need from a reliable source
• GLOBALINX® is a wholly-owned subsidiary of 5LINX® Enterprises, Inc.

  • Privately held, credible provider that has been in business since 2006
  • 50,000-square-foot headquarters in Rochester, NY housing all operations including NOC, Call Center, Warehouse, Marketing, Product Development and Engineering
  • BroadWorks® Network Platform
  • Network and geographic redundancy
  • Own and operate our own infrastructure
  • Recognized as an Inc. 500 company past 4 years (2006-2009); Inc. 5000 company (2010)
  • Named Rochester Top 100 company (#2 in 2009)
    • Seasoned telecommunications staff at work for you
  • Dedication built on a foundation of five valued corporate business principles: Freedom, Integrity, Vision, Opportunity & Success
  • Cutting-edge Technical Support from our 24-hour NOC and formal escalation process
  • Ongoing, tailored training support provided locally, regionally & nationally 

    Order Here

Healthy Coffee

What is MontaVida

MontaVida isn’t just another cup of coffee. It’s a brewed beverage infused with ingredients proven to have positive nutritious effects, like MCT oil, which has been integrated successfully into weight-loss programs. Ramon Seeds—containing essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants—are added to the beans before grinding. Enjoy this smooth, delicious-tasting coffee, and know that it’s full of healthy ingredients to help you get ready for what’s ahead.

Benefits of Coffee*

  • Accelerates fat loss by increasing the metabolism
  • Increases workout performance—an energy enhancement for long, intense workout regimens
  • Improves overall focus—improves memory, concentration and reaction times
  • Decreases muscle pain by strengthening muscle contraction
  • Prevents disease—an inverse correlation with diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and several forms of cancer

*Independent review by Parker Cote,

How to Order MontaVida

Now you can have a delicious, smooth-tasting coffee with quality ingredients delivered right to your home! Say good-bye to early-morning coffee runs! Available in both ground and brew cups, anyone can enjoy the goodness of MontaVida.

Prepaid Phone Services

What is Globalinx Mobi Prepaid Phone Services?

Globalinx Mobi is a prepaid mobile carrier that provides affordable wireless solutions for your monthly cell phone headaches. We offer an alternative to the outrageous $100+ a month bills of major cellular providers to meet all of your voice and data needs.

Globalinx Mobi Features and Benefits:

  • No contracts
  • No cancellation fees
  • No overages
  • Free 15 day trial
  • 4G devices
  • International calling bundle available

Security Systems

What is 5LINX Security Systems?

5LINX Security Systems provided by Protect America Inc. specializes in GE Wireless Security Systems for your home or business. Protect America is one of the fastest growing security Companies in the United States offering the most affordable and comprehensive security systems, video monitoring, and home automation packages nationwide. The partnership between 5LINX and Protect America Inc. enables 5LINX to provide affordable and reliable security services for our customers. With 5LINXSecurity Systems you can choose from an assortment of packages, including one specifically designed for a business.

5LINX Security System Features and Benefits:

  • Complete line of GE Wireless Security Systems products
  • Landline, broadband and cellular monitoring platforms
  • 98% of new orders completed via easy self-installation
  • 5LINX Security Systems provided by Protect America offers a lifetime equipment warranty and free technical support for as long as the customer is monitored
  • Movers program provides free transfer of service nationwide
  • Monitoring services provided from two fully redundant UL listed and FM Approved monitoring facilities ensuring uninterrupted and seamless customer service and support

5LINX Security Systems Advantages:

Today, many customers want to save money on telephone service by switching to digital, VoIP, or just their cell phones. 5LINX Security Systems provided by Protect America offers
customers the best alternatives to accommodate their desire to free themselves from land line telephones. We are able to accommodate the customer’s needs while doing it at a better price than the competition!