Friday, January 31, 2014

Text Marketing Services

Every business or organization should be able to answer this question, but frankly most cannot. TextAlertz provides you with an immediate solu- tion to this problem.
Think about it... if you don’t have an instant and effective way to reach out to your customers or members, how can they possibly get the most out of your relationship with them? TextAlertz gives you the power to do just that—communi- cate with speed and impact to the people that matter most.
TextAlertz allows you to build your relationship with your customers. Here’s why TextAlertz mobile marketing is the perfect solution for your business.

 It’s Easy - Be up and running in 10 minutes

It's Effective - 97% of text messages are opened • It’s Fast - Reach your customers instant

 It’s Affordable - As little as $2/day

 It's Fast - Reach your costumers instantly

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